Spirituality & Health: 4 Steps to S.E.L.F Acceptance

One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Robert Holden. He said, “No amount of self improvement can make up for a lack of self acceptance.”Tweet This Almost all of us know someone who has spent hundreds (and sometimes thousdands) of dollars tryingto fix themselves from the outside in. This doesn’tmean I’m against a little nip or tuck here or there, I just believe that if we only focus on the external we miss an opportunity to see ourselves the way our creator does- divine and perfect just as we are in this very moment.

To illustrate my point, I came up with these 4 Steps to S.E.L.F Acceptance (I love a good acronym and if you do, too this is a fun website to check out).

S.E.L.FSpiritual Enlightenment through Laughter & Forgiveness

SSpiritual awakening goes hand in hand with physical development. Synchronizing our bodies and your minds eliminates self doubt. “When the body and mind are in sync, we are naturally relaxed, alert, open, and aware, and we experience ourselves and the world in a direct, unmediated way, without conceptual filters.”- Ekhart Tolle. This can be done through a daily meditation and/ or yoga practice.

E Enlightenment is the result of being well informed. Self exploration and discovery allows us to really know ourselves and accept who we are, and what our soul purpose for this life is. Be courageous enough to show the real you. Pretending to be something we’re not is a huge drain on our energy and lowers our vibration. Because we are really energy amplifiers, raising our own vibration raises the vibration of the people around us as well as the entire planet.

L Laugh it off! Don’t take yourself too seriously. Having a sense of humor and learning to laugh can have serious health benefits. According to the Mayo clinic, “Laughter is about being present. When you laugh you enjoy the here and now. There are therapeutic benefits to laughter and for this reason it is one of the 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People. Research shows laughter offers us health benefits in four health dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.”

FForgiveness helps us focus on our situations right now, instead of by letting ourselves become distracted by what we can’t control. All we have is right here and right now. If we agree to always do our best, the future will take care of it’s self. Let go of resentment and guilt. In an article in Psychology Today, people who regularly practice forgiveness have better physical health (more stable hormones and healthier immune systems) and mental health (experience less depression and anxiety).

The bottom line is this, self improvement is great, but without self acceptance we never truley evolve into the beings of unconditional light and love that we are meant to be. It’s time to take responsability for uplifting our lives by really getting to know ourselves on the soul level. It’s easy to put the blame on others, but, when the rubber meets the road, our choices are our own. Each one of us must find our inner value and learn to stay grounded in a place of peace and compassion.